Just do it. Why? Read this for knowing the answer.

I’ve been read an article in medium whose the writer wrote that when you want to delay to write, just write.

And he/she said it based on her/his own experience when he/she just wrote it, he/she can had more than pages.

It happend because he/she said that the idea is in our head waiting our hand to write it.

So, when sometimes you just doesn’t want to write but you know that you are a writer. Just write it and the story will automatically folded down.

Like what I just did.

I know that I must write, but there just a little voice in my head said, “Wait, you are not ready yet. You must wait a little while until the BIG IDEA appear.”

Guess what?

That probably true but if you just start to write, the Big Idea probably will come too in the process of you write something.

So, just write it. Go get it and create it, WHEN? NOW buddies ☺

And for anything good in life, just do it now, make a progress, and you will ended up with something that you always wanted.

To have something you never had, you must do something you never did.

Better You Everyday.




I help you to have a happier life though my article.

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Deevi Ratnasari

Deevi Ratnasari

I help you to have a happier life though my article.

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